you have opened the door to darkness,
little man

Adopt one today!


What if Umbreons hunt in packs and use their rings to communicate like fireflies? Four legged crazy moonfox fireflies?

open sims roleplay




'Oh feebee lay…'


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fluffy hex girl and her banette friend

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"otherkin scare me so they aren’t real" lmao

going without a bra promotes tissue growth so there you go you don’t need any more reasons

one time I was at school and had really bad heartburn so I went to the culinary class and asked for some baking soda

ok im gonna start on this book / reading journal goodnight

blblkalfkf im sorry i dont usually initiate conversations it probably seems like i dnt care but i care a lot im just really scared of that but im working on it!!!1 ill try and do that more often whn people need it 


what if you woke up and found your blogtitle tattooed on your body

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i lov vera

mirandalawsonsboobs replied to your post “-uses a 360 controller for a ps2 game-”

-using 360 controller as a gameboy-

god bless

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